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May 7, 2010
The Earth Expedition Recruits 3rd Hiker Daniel Frazier

The Earth Expedition Recruits 3rd Hiker Daniel Frazier! To get to know him a little please feel free to read his bio below. Also we will be firming up detals this next mont so stop back in a couple of days for updates! 

Tentative Route


Daniel_Frazier.jpgA little bit about Daniel Allen Frazier Junior:

 I was born on and raised on the bluffs of the Mississippi River, in Memphis, Tennessee under the parental brilliance of Dan and Lee Ann Frazier and beside the love of two beautiful sisters, Katherine and Abigail.  I grew up and went to the same school for 12 years, Evangelical Christian School.  At that school I learned how to grow up and also how to write papers really well.  After school was done, in my late teen years, I enrolled at the University of Memphis.  Attended school for two years there, had a great time, but learned my life was meant for something bigger than a typical one.  During that time at school I also started traveling with some good friends in a band called Cool Hand Luke, along our travels together I learned alot about myself.  I realized that I had a desire and passion for the lives of others, to be in their life where they were, to love them when they need it.  So I left school and moved to England, to attend a Bible school there and learn about the greatest lover of all and also what He meant to me.  What a wonderful experience that was, it taught me so much and also I grew more and more.

 After that schooling and a bit of farming was done I set out on my own into the foreign lands of the continent of Europe.  I had nothing but a backpack and a guitar and ended up living an experience that changed me and my perception of things.  During that trip all I could do was put faith in the LORD above to get by and lets just say I got by in a way I would have never imagined.  Some of the stories and experiences from that will be with me for the rest of my life.  So after that I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to finish what I started at the University of Memphis.  But still something was pulling at me to do something, to help someone, to love people.  I wasn't, I was just surviving and it was eating away inside of me.  So one day I read about Daren Wendell and what he was doing and I sent him a letter.  I told him I want to be apart of change, I want to inspire, I want to love.  We talked and talked and now here I am embarking my twenty second year of life hopefully about to fulfill an incredible story that can cause change for people who need it and inspire people as well to love those around them.  Keep reading about the journey I take as it unfolds and read more about what we are trying to help over at www.activewater.org

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