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- There is no place like home Blog 6-7
Blog 6: “ there is no place like home

tmpphpnDkqzd.jpgWhen you’re a kid you can’t wait for Christmas or your birthday. Teenagers can’t wait to get a license and a car to go with it. Students can’t wait for that break: spring, Christmas, summer, heck the weekend. And to be honest I cannot wait to go home. I do not know where you call home or if you consider it a good home or a bad home. Mine is a great home and I have a lot of them. Let me explain. I could be way off in left or simply trying to talk smarter than I am (I have been known to do that), but I think the difference between a house and a home are the relationships that take place there, the family.
The teachings of Jesus blow my mind. And in (text) he does it again by defining His family as those who do his will.
One turn two weeks ago led me to the door step of a missionary to the persecuted church. From that door I went to another and another and another. For a week and a half I had a home, a bed to sleep in, a hot shower, and homemade meal. But more than that, spiritual brothers, sisters, grandmas, and grandpas. I would be sure to leave some out if I tried to list them, but if you’re one of them, THANK YOU!   
As good as those homes were and the homes that I will be apart of in the future kilometers to come, my heart longs for the day when I step off the airplane at the OKC International Airport. I want to hug my real mom and dad, drive the hour on I-40 west to Hydro, and then turn down a winding dirt road and  gravel lane to the place that has been home since before I could call it that. I get choked up just thinking about that day.
But there is still one better. There will be a day where all those who put their trust in Jesus will be home. And the tears from the pain of bursting blisters, thoughts of insecurity, and isolation will be wiped from my eyes. And the tears of my brothers and sisters around the world who literally are dying of thirst or perhaps from diseases that are in the water they do have, will too, be wiped dry. Admittedly they are suffering far greater than I am. Please do not think I am trying to compare. It is my prayer that this attempt to get off my butt and do something, does something to alleviate their suffering in this life. And as this adventure continues I put my faith in the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, the kingdom he came to establish is advancing, and one day when this jar of clay body is finally allowed to bust, I will go home. ~Ryan Beerwinkle

Blog 7:
TMP_1.jpgHave you ever tried to watch the minute hand on a clock move? You’re not alone.
Time, it’s a funny thing. When you watch it go by there is nothing that moves slower. And when it comes to pass it feels as short as the twilight that ends a day. Time to me, in retrospect, seems like moments of beauty, some darker... some brighter. For me, most often in the afternoon, or anytime it is raining my progress is like watching the minute hand on the clock. I know I am moving but I just can’t see it in the moment. But then I turn and get to breath in the big picture. How refreshing it is. I have been expeditioning since June 15th it is now July 9th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN! (He is my brother) So that’s 25 days. Midway through this week , I will reach the point of 1/3 of my distance covered. As I look back at how far I have come, there is so much to process for so much is crammed into that time. The only way for me to describe it is a beautiful sunset made so stunning by the rays of light and the shades of darkness. One man at church last Sunday said, “You’re going to miss it all when it’s done”  and though I miss my friends and family so much and even though this is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, I’m guessing a little time will prove him right. ~Ryan Beerwinkle

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