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- The loneliest place on the planet...

I am convinced that the desert is the loneliest place on the planet. Everything is dry and dead and you can see nothingness for miles and miles. The heat is ridiculous out here and over the past week my right side of my body has been burned as my left is hardly even tanned as the sun has rose and set to my east. Something else I am not used to is that it is soo dry that my nose bleeds during the day and around my ankles the skin has began to blister from the heat.  I am not trying to complain… One thing that I try to do is being people along on the expedition with me so you can get a good understanding of what is going on!

Phoenix, AZ: Right now I am in Phoenix, AZ.  I didn’t walk all of the way here but wisdom said that I needed to take some time to let my feel heal of the blisters.  I was at the point where I couldn’t walk ten miles without 1,000 mg of ibuprofen….. pretty bad I know…  so I decided to take some days in Phoenix with my friend Rocko (the same Rocko from the AT) and let my body and feet heal.  Once I got here I didn’t realize how bad my feet actually were. One of my blisters was actually all of one of my toenails. I took pictures but I decided that the picture was too gross to put on the Website. It actually makes me gag when I look at it. So for two days I have been soaking my feet in Epsom salt and using rubbing alcohol on the blisters to dry them out. I should be back up and walking after Thanksgiving and should have actually walked to Phoenix by the first week of December.  I will then take a break and fly home from Phoenix  to see family for Christmas. I will return to walking after the new year…. This time with a support vehicle (can you help?)  read on..

Support Vehicle: We are still in search of a support vehicle. We have some people looking around for a vehicle for us but nothing has come to fruition just yet. We have a driver (Bryan Schlackman) but we don’t have a vehicle yet. What we are looking for is either someone to loan us their vehicle or to donate a vehicle for the remaining section of the United States. Any 4 cylinder car/truck that would allow for 2 people to sleep in would be best. We are really not that picky. If you hear of anyone that would be interested or know of any car/truck w/cap that is for sale in the price range of around $1,000 please contact us! Time is of the essence.  daren@theearthexpedition.com

Southern California: I tell you what when I think if SoCal I would never have thought of this. I miss the green and life in the surroundings. It hasn’t rained a drop since I have been walking… I don’t even know why I carry rain gear. So far my experience has been that every other car has been the Border Patrol. I am afraid that when I stay out in the desert at night I will trigger a sensor and the border patrol will come and find me or worst yet a group of illegal’s running the border will wake me up in the middle of the night. That would be a little freaky to me.  I am walking so close to the border that I see the wall that they are building.  There are still ways to get around it and the sad thing is when some of the “Coyote’s” get the group across they leave them. One Border patrol I was talking to told me that they find dead people up in the mountains all of the time. They either freeze or cook in the sun. Pretty messed up stuff regardless of how you view illegal aliens crossing into the US. 

Tough Times: This past week has been very difficult for me.  It is complicated to explain but I am pretty sure that the most difficult reason that I am having out here is that there is no sense of community..no one to laugh with…no one to talk to …no one to vent frustrations to..just simply no one. I consider myself to be a spiritual man and I pray to God but I don’t believe that God ever intended his people to be out of relationships with others. In fact I know He didn’t… I guess I am learning this lesson now the hard way. This is one of the reasons that I am excited to a have a support vehicle to help out with. Not only will it provide a secure place to stay every night, lighten my pack weight, and provide water for the long stretches..it will also provide community for me. I don’t expect everyone to understand this… but I do better understand the movie “Cast Away” a lot better. I do understand the connection from Tom Hanks and “Wilson” as well… there is a lot of truth to that. None-the-less. I will continue on for I know that after the New Year it will be different.  Ok.. I am going to get something to eat now and soak my feet in the some salts again.     Take Care

(sorry no pictures this time..my computer is in Blythe, CA.)
                                        “Life to the Fullest” Daren


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